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How We Help Patients Overcome Their Chronic Symptoms and Teach You How to Take Control of Your Health


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Dr. Erinn Harris

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Did You Know?

Do you know that 1 in 2 people suffer silently for years with reversible hormone imbalances, digestive disorders, stealth infections, and cognitive issues like brain fog and memory loss?

Do you also know that many people with these chronic health issues are never properly tested by their primary care doctors?

Oftentimes they hear “everything is fine” or “it’s just a sign of getting older”, when they know they don’t feel fine and feel like they aren’t being heard?

Left unchecked, all these issues can lead to more complicated health problems such as autoimmune disease, chronic pain, inflammation and heart disease, and obesity.

Join Us To Learn

  • ​Why your current health care provider may not be making the connection from chronic symptoms to what's really ailing you
  • What questions to ask your health provider to ensure you're partnering with the right expert
  •  What advanced lab testing will provide the information needed to arrive at a precise diagnosis, so you don't have to guess as to how to treat your digestive distress
  •  Why lifestyle can also play a huge role in how to rebalance and deal with chronic symptoms once we discover the root cause

Meet Dr. Erinn Harris, MD

Dr. Harris is a board certified Internal Medicine physician who specializes in the care of patients in ages ranging from 12 to 100+ years. She has been in practice since 2001. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Earlham College and earned her medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine.

From 1998 to 2001, Dr. Harris trained as a intern and resident in Internal Medicine at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Harris has a special interest in women’s health, wellness and preventive medicine. In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, baking and serving at her church.

You’ll discover how to do all of that (and so much more) at my upcoming Workshop:

Creating the Perfect Practice in the 21st Century

How to Build, Scale & Grow Your Functional Medicine Practice for the Future

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